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McGraw is a K-4 elementary school in East Camden serving 400 students and their families. For school year, 2022-23 McGraw will be grades K-4 and East Camden Middle will be grades 5-8.

Elementary school at Mastery is just the starting point. We proudly offer academic excellence from crayons to cap and gown! Our students have the opportunity to automatically attend our East Camden Middle School, then Mastery High School of Camden, giving them a full K-12 Mastery experience.

We’re among the top ten schools in Camden for math proficiency (grades 3-8). When it comes to reading, Mastery K-2 students in Camden are surpassing reading growth expectations and students in grades 3-4 are growing faster than their peers nationally.

At McGraw, we believe all of our students have greatness within. With love and high expectations, we support them in finding their own paths to success.

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Our School

  • Among the top ten schools in Camden for math proficiency
  • K-2 students are surpassing reading growth expectations as measured by a national assessment (F&P)*
  • Students in grades 3-5 are growing faster than their peers nationally in Reading (MAP)*
  • Two teachers in K-2 Literacy classes

* across the Mastery Schools of Camden network

  • Play in K & 1st helps students learn social-emotional skills like self-awareness, empathy and conflict resolution
  • Art, physical education, recess and Spanish
  • Weekly community meetings and Student Recognition Awards

We offer free aftercare until 6 p.m. and a a variety of after-school activities and clubs, including:

  • Tutoring, Art Club, Board Games Club, Choir, Doubledutch Club, Girls Book Club, Homework Club, Monarch Dance, Robotics Club, Football

We also partner with several community groups to bring fun, unique opportunities to students.

  • Settlement Music Group teaches students how to sing and play instruments
  • Campbell’s Soup – 4th graders participate in their Cooking Matters program and 5th graders participate in their Career Ambassadors program
  • Monthly events for families
    • Muffins with Mom
    • Donuts with Dad
    • Father-Daughter Dance
    • Student Achievement Banquets
    • African American History Assembly
    • Hispanic Heritage Festival
    • Math Game Family Night

We also host activities and workshops to give parents tips and tricks to help their children with their schoolwork.

Greetings McGraw Families:
We are making every effort to return to our normal uniform policy for the 2022-2023 school year. We are pleased to announce that we will provide all families with two (2) uniform shirts free of charge. Additional items can be purchased at the school. We will also sell classroom appropriate outerwear for cooler months. Students are required to be in full uniform every day.

ShirtOnly the official Royal Blue Mastery McGraw uniform shirts are acceptable. The Mastery McGraw uniform shirt is a royal blue knit collared shirt with Mastery Schools of Camden name and logo.
OuterwearSweaters are optional. If students choose to wear sweaters, only SOLID navy blue or black sweaters are allowed. Outerwear should not have large logos or patterns unless provided by the school. Students are allowed to wear sweatshirts/hoodies however; they are NOT permitted to wear hoods in the building. If a student is wearing a hood, they will be required to remove their sweatshirt/hoodie. The Mastery McGraw uniform shirt MUST be worn under outerwear.
PantsOnly plain solid navy blue pants are acceptable. The following pants are NOT acceptable: jeans; jeggings; sweat or exercise pants; pajama pants; colored, striped, designed or decorated pants; pants worn below the hips; pants that cover the shoes or drag on the ground; excessively skin tight pants including but not limited to jeggings, leggings, and tights. Students are NOT permitted to wear jeans as part of the uniform.
Skirts, Jumpers, ShortsSkirts/shorts must be solid navy blue and reach the middle of the knee in the front and the back. Skirts/shorts may not be skin tight, body hugging, fitted, etc. Students may wear shorts in the warmer months. Young ladies are also permitted to wear navy blue uniform jumpers. The Mastery McGraw uniform shirt MUST be worn under the jumper.
ShoesOnly closed-back and closed-toed shoes or sneakers are acceptable. For student safety students are not permitted to wear sandals, flip flops, clogs, heels etc…
BeltsStudents should wear a solid navy blue, black or brown belt if they have belt loops on their pants or shorts.

If your student arrives at school out of uniform you can expect that you will receive a
phone call home. If you have an issue with uniforms please contact Ms. Kilgore 856-298-6081. When students are permitted to Dress Down it will be on the calendar or students will come home with some other form of written notice. Otherwise students should report to school in uniform.

Our Team

Danielle Horowitz, School Leader

[email protected]

Danielle Horowitz serves as the proud principal of Mastery McGraw Elementary after serving as the assistant principal of instruction for 5 years. She has been an educator for over a decade. She started her teaching career as an English teacher in Chile before returning to the United States to be a 6th grade teacher in Philadelphia.


Mrs. Horowitz’s (or Mrs. H’s) decision to become an educator was inspired by her mom’s 27 year career as a special educator. She believes that every one of our McGraw students is mighty and magnificent. She’s honored to lead a staff that believes this wholeheartedly as well. Together in partnership with the East Camden community, the McGraw team will continue to collectively disrupt the million different ways that inequity shows up in education, and work toward the Mastery mission to prepare students for postsecondary success and the ability to pursue their dreams.


Mrs. Horowitz has a bachelor’s degree from Lafayette College in both Spanish and Government & Law and a master’s in education from the University of Pennsylvania. On the weekends, Mrs. Horowitz and her husband enjoy spending quality time with friends and family.

Our staff is available to support you and your child throughout their school experience. We are available to meet with families and answer questions via the email addresses listed here.


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"I just love the communication between the parents and the teachers and the school."
-Yonita Martin, Mastery Parent