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Check out the referral bonuses for the 2021-22 school year. Read on for everything you need to submit your referral today!
• Part time staff = $600 referral bonus
• Non-Instructional full time campus based support staff = $1000
• Most full time lead content teachers = $2500
• Math, Special Education, Science, Spanish, Bilingual and ESL teachers = $3500
• Central office based Assistant Directors = $5000
• Assistant Principals, Principals, Directors and above = $7500

We're hiring! Refer a friend and earn cash!

We are looking for great people to join our team, inside and outside of the classroom.

What positions can I submit a referral for?

We welcome referrals for all roles at Mastery Schools (even ones that are not immediately open). In fact, in school year 2020-21 we hired all positions through referrals including paraprofessionals, building engineers, assistant principals and Math teachers.


How do I know if my referral is a good fit for the role I am referring them for?

Check out our open roles and read through the job description. If the person you are referring matches the requirements then go ahead and submit that referral.


What info do I need to submit a referral?

You need:

  • The name of the person you are referring
  • Contact info like email address and phone number
  • A sense of the role(s) the person you are referring is interested in being considered for

Note – a resume is not required when you submit a referral, but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Submitting a resume with your referral will give the Recruitment Team a chance to reach out to the person you referred quickly and with all the info they need.


How do I submit a referral?

If you are not a Mastery employee then scroll down to the gray box.

If you are a Mastery employee you can submit your referral through Lever. Lever is Mastery’s online application portal. When you submit your referral through Lever with a resume the referral will go directly to a Mastery recruiter. Learn more here.


What will happen after I submit a referral?

First, a member of the Recruitment Team will send you a quick email to let you know that they have received your referral. Next they will start the application process for the person you referred just like they would for any application. You will be able to track the progression of the person you referred through our application system. If you see that the person has been invited for a phone screen or demo we strongly encourage you to reach out to offer your support in preparing. After all, you know best what it takes to be a great Mastery employee!


What happens if the person I referred is hired?

You will receive an email from the Recruitment Team letting you know that we have hired the person you have referred. Look for your bonus in either October or May as long as the person you referred is still employed with Mastery at the time we distribute the bonus.

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Mastery Schools Employee

  • The referred employee must be employed at Mastery at the time bonuses are paid out.
  • Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, Regional School Officers, and Talent Team Members are not eligible to receive referral bonuses.
  • The referral’s information must be submitted through the referral link PRIOR to the referral accepting a full-time position at Mastery.
  • You will NOT receive a referral bonus if you submit the referral’s name AFTER the referral has been hired by Mastery.

Bonus Structure

The only way to GUARANTEE you receive a referral bonus, is to follow the referral process and submit your referrals through the links above.

  • Part time staff = $600 referral bonus
  • Non-instructional full-time campus based staff = $1,000
  • Most full time lead content teachers = $2,500
  • Math, Special Education, Science, Bilingual and ESL teachers = $3,500
  • Central office based Assistant Directors = $5,000
  • Assistant Principals, Directors and above = $7,500