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Your Neighborhood School in Germantown

Welcome to Mastery Charter School Pickett Campus!

We’re a neighborhood school in the Germantown community in Philadelphia, serving nearly 900 students in grades 6-12.

Students enjoy a strong sense of community and belonging in a safe environment, supported by caring and committed teachers and staff who return year after year. Along with a rigorous academic program, our students have opportunities for internships, and tons of sports and extracurricular activities including football and dance team.

When they become upperclassmen, they can take AP classes and participate in a dual enrollment program to earn college credits while they are still in high school.

At Pickett, we believe all of our students have greatness within. With love and high expectations, we help them find their own paths to success.

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Our School

Our academically rigorous program prepares all students for success after graduation.

  • Varied Courses
    • Range of courses from introductory to college level
    • AP classes give students the opportunity to earn college credits
  • College and Career Prep
    • Sophomores complete an 18-week internship
    • Seniors go on college visits, take a senior seminar course, get assistance applying for scholarships & loans and support with the college application process
    • Students graduate with a plan to enter college, the workforce or a pathway of their choice
  • Special Education Programming
    • We provide comprehensive special education programming to meet the individualized needs of each child, including:
      • Individualized Education Plans
      • Academic Interventions
      • Low Incidence Programs  (Autistic Support, Multiple Disabilities, Life Skills)
      • Emotional Support
      • English as a Second Language (ESL)
      • Psychological and Social Services

Pickett students have tons of sports, clubs and extracurricular activities to choose from, including:

  • Academic Enrichment
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Cross Country
  • Dance
  • Flag Football
  • Football
  • Games Club
  • Gardening Club
  • Gay Straight Alliance
  • PSSA Prep
  • Running Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Student Government
  • Track and Field
  • Yearbook

We’re a member of the PIAA (Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association) within the District XII Public League. Our middle school teams play in a variety of leagues across the city. We are proud to be champions!


  • Mastery North Varsity Girls Basketball Public League Champions 2020
  • Mastery North Varsity Girls Basketball – AAA Public League Champions -2015-2016
  • Mastery North Varsity Boys Basketball – AA Public League Champions -2015-2016
  • Mastery North Varsity Boys Basketball – the State Championship Runner-Up 2015-16


Athletics Calendar

Any student living in Philadelphia is eligible to apply for the lottery at Pickett Campus, however preference is given to current students at John B. Kelly and Wister elementary schools, and students living in the 19144 zip code.  If you apply after the deadline, you will be added to our waitlist. 

  • Pickett uniforms are available for purchase at the Pickett front desk.
  • Summer hours are
  • All shirts will be sold during Family Orientation for your convenience.  Orientation is mandatory for all students and families and will occur the week of 8/23.
  • At Pickett students in grades 6-8 wear a gray polo or t-shirt (both long and short sleeve shirts are available) or a sweatshirt with the Mastery Pickett logo with navy blue pants. Students in grades 9-12 have the same options but in navy blue and with khaki bottoms. For all grades, shoes need to be close toed.  Shirts are $10 and sweatshirts are $20.


After school clubs + activities


Sports for Boys + Girls

Our Team

Margaux Munnelly, Principal

[email protected]

Margaux Munnelly has served the principal of Pickett Campus since 2016. She strives to ensure Pickett students receive a world-class education in a loving, empowering environment. Before taking on the role of principal, she served as an assistant principal of instruction at Pickett for five years and was the school’s founding Algebra II teacher.

Prior to joining Mastery, Ms. Munnelly served as a math teacher and leader in Philadelphia. A Neubauer Fellow, she is a graduate of Boston College and the University of Pennsylvania and earned her master’s degree in Education, with a concentration in Principalship, from Chestnut Hill College.

During her high school years in Columbus, Ohio, Ms. Munnelly was captain of the swim team, a member of choir and an actor in school plays and musicals.

If you have questions about:School Contact PersonContact Information (email and phone number)
My child’s academic performanceMath – Turika Pulliam
English – Micah Hart
Science/History – Eric Soble
Spanish/Specials – Lauren Chandler
Interventions – Jennifer Lennon
Special Education MS – Jessica Murray
Special Education HS – Hillary Ravell
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Or call the front desk and ask to speak with any of the above at 215-866-9000
Attendance, Early Dismissals, LatenessAshley Falice[email protected]
Health and medical concerns/COVID-related concernsDavid Kibelstis[email protected]
Arrival or dismissal/LunchRandy Miller[email protected]
Discipline concerns/UniformsRandy Miller[email protected]
Wellness/social work supports
Events and tripsFront desk215-866-9000 and tell them your student’s grade
TransportationHillary Ravell[email protected]
Supports for a student with an IEPJessica Murray (MS)
Hillary Ravell (HS)
[email protected]
[email protected]
SchedulingMicah Hart[email protected]
RegistrationJada Pennick[email protected]
Athletics and After-School ProgramsMike Poploskie (athletics)
Sam Morrison (ECs)
[email protected]
[email protected]
Or call the front desk and ask to speak with any of the above at 215-866-9000
Post-Secondary Counseling/InternshipsBrandi Mapp-Evans[email protected]
Or call the front desk and ask to speak with her at 215-866-9000

Our staff is available to support you and your child throughout their school experience. We are available to meet with families and answer questions via the email addresses listed here.


First NameLast NamePositionEmail
KatarinaAkridgeSpanish Teacher - High School[email protected]
AliaAmmarIntervention Teacher - High SchoolAlia.[email protected]
KatherineAndersonSocial Worker[email protected]
NichelleArtwellSocial Worker[email protected]
LydiaAzondekonMusic Teacher - High School[email protected]
ChristinaBaezCollege Coordinator[email protected]
DarnellBaileyArt Teacher - High Schooldarnell.ba[email protected]
MollyBarkmanScience Teacher - High School[email protected]
SarahBarnettSpecialized Services Teacher - High School[email protected]
RodneyBellDean[email protected]
MayaBellingerAdministrative Assistant[email protected]
TiannaBlandSupport Teacher - Relay Resident[email protected]
MatthewBoccutiScience Teacher - High School[email protected]
RonBrinsonSpecialized Services Classroom Assistant (Part-Time)[email protected]
DavidBuckleySupport Teacher - Relay Resident[email protected]
TylethaByrdClassroom Counselor[email protected]
RebecaCabanezSpanish Teacher - High School[email protected]
RochelleCaldwellSpecialized Services Teacher - High School[email protected]
AngelaCalpinEnglish Teacher - High School[email protected]
LaurenChandlerAssistant Principal of Instruction - High School[email protected]
FrancescaCistoneHistory Teacher - High School[email protected]
ThomasCourtneyLong Term Substitute (Part-Time)[email protected]
GiahnnaDonapelScience Teacher - High School[email protected]
AdiaEdwardsReading Intervention Teacher - High School[email protected]
RyanEdwardsClassroom Counselor[email protected]
AshleyFaliceAttendance Coordinator[email protected]
JasmineFicheraClassroom Clinician[email protected]
KristinFidlerSpecialized Services Teacher - High School[email protected]
ZacharyFullmanHistory Teacher - High School[email protected]
MarcquiaGarvinEnglish Teacher - High School[email protected]
ZakeeGibsonSpecialized Services Teacher - High School[email protected]
AaronGossMath Teacher - High School[email protected]
BreenaGreenBuilding Substitute (Part-Time)[email protected]
Mary BethGriesEnglish Teacher - High School[email protected]
KristenHartCampus Advisor (Part Time)[email protected]
MicahHartAssistant Principal of Instruction - High School[email protected]
JustinaHaynesCampus Director of Post-Secondary Programs[email protected]
JamesHennickSpecialized Services Teacher - High School[email protected]
AdrienneHertlerEnglish Teacher - High School[email protected]
TamaraHolmesMath Teacher - High School[email protected]
KathyHortonDean[email protected]
BrittanyHughesEnglish Teacher - High School[email protected]
CaitlinHuntEnglish Teacher - Middle School[email protected]
CourtneyJenkinsSocial Emotional Learning Teacher - High School[email protected]
AngeliqueJohnsonSpecialized Services Teacher - High School[email protected]
JadaJolleyAdministrative Assistant[email protected]
KynaJonesEnglish Teacher - High School[email protected]
KatyKahnEnglish Teacher - High School[email protected]
DavidKibelstisAssistant Principal/Director of Operations - High School[email protected]
LindsayKollaSpecialized Services Teacher - High School[email protected]
JohnLalliPhysical Education Teacher - High School[email protected]
EstherLambertAdministrative Assistant (Part-Time)[email protected]
JenniferLennonAssistant Principal of Specialized Services - High School[email protected]
KatelynLoughranEnglish Teacher - High School[email protected]
BrandiMapp-EvansCollege Advisor[email protected]
AmyMardisBuilding Substitute (Part-Time)[email protected]
LouAnnMarinucciSpecialized Services Teacher - High School[email protected]
LynetteMatthewsMath Teacher - High School[email protected]
KarlMayerSpecialized Services Classroom Assistant (Part-Time)[email protected]
TimothyMcDonaldDean[email protected]
DjolaMcGowanSpecialized Services Teacher - High School[email protected]
RandyMillerAssistant Principal of School Culture - High School[email protected]
SaajidahMohammedBuilding Substitute (Part-Time)[email protected]
JazmineMooreEnglish Teacher - High School[email protected]
TajaMorrisDean[email protected]
SamMorrisonSpecialized Services Teacher - High School[email protected]
MargauxMunnellyPrincipal - High School[email protected]
JessicaMurrayAssistant Principal of Specialized Services - High School[email protected]
LaurenNewmanSocial Worker[email protected]
RonaldNicholsInternship Coordinator[email protected]
VeronicaNocellaEnglish Teacher - High School[email protected]
YamirOliverSpecialized Services Classroom Assistant (Part-Time)[email protected]
AllisonOrrSpecialized Services Case Manager - High School[email protected]
AmiraOwensClassroom Counselor (Part-Time)[email protected]
PhilipPaleseMath Teacher - High School[email protected]
TheresaParrino-CheshireSocial Worker[email protected]
DavidPerloffHistory Teacher - High School[email protected]
MichaelPoploskiePhysical Education Teacher - High School[email protected]
TurikaPulliamAssistant Principal of Instruction - High School[email protected]
AltovisePurnellDean of Specialized Services[email protected]
HillaryRavellLead Case Manager[email protected]
ElizabethRestaTransition Coordinator[email protected]
LashawnSana'English Teacher - High School[email protected]
SamanthaScarponeEnglish Teacher - Middle School[email protected]
DaneilleScottMath Teacher - High School[email protected]
DominicSealsMath Teacher - High School[email protected]
JessicaShiveSpecialized Services Case Manager - High School[email protected]
DiamondShulerMath Teacher - High School[email protected]
EricSobleAssistant Principal of Instruction - High School[email protected]
SaraSpeaksDean (Part-Time)[email protected]
KimberlyStewartScience Teacher - High School[email protected]
JoannaStoneMath Teacher - High School[email protected]
MichaelTaylorSpecialized Services Teacher - High School[email protected]
NicoleThiemannMath Teacher - High School[email protected]
AlexisTribble-BryantMath Teacher - High School[email protected]
KhalilahUmmahDean[email protected]
DonaldVaughnDean[email protected]
SarahWardenSupport Teacher (Part-Time)[email protected]
JaygonWattBuilding Engineer[email protected]
DaaiyahWhiteScience Teacher - High School[email protected]
MariaWhiteScience Teacher - High School[email protected]
ChanelleWilliamsHistory Teacher - High School[email protected]
CourtneyWilsonMath Teacher - High School[email protected]
PatriciaWinsauerMath Teacher - High School[email protected]
DanielYelsonEnglish Teacher - High School[email protected]
ZacharyYelsonHistory Teacher - High School[email protected]

"There's a charter school called Mastery in Philadelphia. And in just two years, three of the schools that Mastery has taken over have seen reading and math levels nearly double - in some cases, triple...One school called Pickett went from just 14% of students being proficient in math to almost 70%. Now - and here's the kicker - at the same time academic performance improved, violence dropped by 80% - 80%. And that's no coincidence...Now, if a school like Mastery can do it, every troubled school can do it."

-President Barack Obama