Shoemaker Campus - Mastery Charter School

Your Neighborhood School in West Philadelphia

Welcome to Shoemaker Campus!

We’re a neighborhood school in West Philadelphia serving more than 750 students in grades 7-12.

Along with a rigorous academic program, our students have access to tons of incredible opportunities including a robotics program for girls, dual enrollment to earn college credit, a medicine educational pipeline program with UPenn and a chance to travel internationally. Sports and clubs? We have those, too: basketball, lacrosse, Muslim student association, poetry & spoken word club and more! Click here to learn more.

At Shoemaker, we believe all of our students have greatness within. With love and high expectations, we help them find their own paths to success.

Stop by and visit us any time!







Our School

Our academically rigorous program prepares all students for success after graduation.

  • Varied Courses
    • Rand of courses from introductory to college level
    • AP courses and dual enrollment give students the opportunity to earn college credit
  • College and Career Prep
    • Sophomores complete an 18-week internship
    • Seniors go on college visits, take a senior seminar course, get assistance applying for scholarships & loans and support with the college application process
    • Students graduate with a plan to enter college, the workforce or a pathway of their choice
  • Special Education Programming
    • We provide comprehensive special education programming to meet the individualized needs of each child, including:
      • Individualized Education Plans
      • Academic Interventions
      • Low Incidence Programs  (Autistic Support, Multiple Disabilities, Life Skills)
      • Emotional Support
      • English as a Second Language (ESL)
      • Psychological and Social Services

Shoemaker Campus students have tons of sports, clubs and extracurricular activities to choose from, including:

  • Art Club
  • Basketball
  • Big Brothers
  • Big Sisters
  • Cheerleading
  • Chess Club
  • Choir
  • Cross Country
  • Dance
  • Environmental Club
  • Football
  • Gay Straight Alliance
  • Hip Hop Dance
  • Lacrosse
  • Mural Arts
  • Muslim Student Associations
  • Poetry Slam
  • Prom Committee
  • Robotics Club
  • Rowing
  • School Musicals
  • Soccer
  • Step Team
  • Student Government
  • Students Run Philly Style
  • Track and Field
  • Volleyball
  • Yearbook

We’re a member of the PIAA (Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association) within the District XII Public League. Our middle school teams play in a variety of leagues across the city. We are proud to be champions!

  • Mastery North Varsity Girls Basketball – AAA Public League Champions -2015-2016
  • Mastery North Varsity Boys Basketball – AA Public League Champions -2015-2016
  • Mastery North Varsity Boys Basketball – the State Championship Runner-Up 2015-16

Athletics Calendar

Families should come to Shoemaker to purchase uniforms and see the summer mailing for more info.

Any student living in Philadelphia is eligible to apply for the lottery at Shoemaker Campus, however preference is given to current students at Mann and Bluford elementary schools. 

Our Team

Meaghann Lawson, Principal

[email protected]

Meaghann Lawson is the principal of Mastery Charter Shoemaker Campus, a neighborhood school in West Philadelphia. Prior to joining Shoemaker, Ms. Lawson served as a founding assistant principal at Mastery East Camden Middle.


Ms. Lawson started her career in education as a 9th grade English teacher at West Philadelphia High School. She has a Master of Education degree in Secondary English – Urban Education from the University of Pennsylvania. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University.

If you have questions about:

School Contact Person

Contact Information (email and phone number)

My child’s academic performance

Derrick Cartwright (Assistant Principal of Instruction)

Phone: (office) 267-296-7111

             (cell) 267- 838-1125

Email: [email protected]

Katherine Ziemba (Assistant Principal of Instruction)

Phone: (office) 267-296-7111

             (cell) 267- 535-0943

Email: [email protected]

Attendance, Early Dismissals, Lateness

Rose Dickerson

Phone: (office) 267-296-7111 X13002

             (cell) 267-639-0097

Email: [email protected]

Health and medical concerns/COVID-related concerns

Kat Schoemaker (Assistant Principal of Operations)

Phone: (main office) 267-296-7111

             (cell) 610-304-7995

Email: [email protected]

Arrival or dismissal/Lunch

Main Office

Phone: (main office) 267-296-7111

Discipline concerns/Uniforms

William Craig (Assistant Principal of Culture)

Phone: (main office) 267-296-7111

             (cell) (267) 322-0879

Email: [email protected]

Wellness/social work supports

Terry-An Alouidor (Social Worker)

Sarah Gentry (Social Worker)

Phone: (office) 215-296-7111 Ext. 13227

(cell) 267-605-2568

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (office) 267-296-7111 x13228

(cell) 267-273-3209

Email: [email protected]

Events and trips

Main Office

Phone: (main office) 267-296-7111


Main Office

Phone: (main office) 267-296-7111

Supports for a student with an IEP

Tatianna Francis (Assistant Principal of Specialized Services)

Phone: (main office) 267-296-7111

             (cell) 267-443-9107

Email: [email protected]

Juanita Williams

(Assistant Principal of Specialized Services)

Phone: (main office) 267-296-7111

             (cell) 215-907-1022

Email: [email protected]


Kat Schoemaker

Phone: (main office) 267-296-7111

             (cell) 610-304-7995

Email: [email protected]


Main Office

Phone: (main office) 267-296-7111

Athletics and After-School Programs

Kyle Epps (Athletic Director)

Phone: (main office) 267-296-7111

Post-Secondary Counseling/Internships

Kerry Sorensen (College Advisor)

Phone: (main office) 267-296-7111

(cell) 267-329-9176

Email: [email protected]

Imani Price (Internship Coordinator)

Phone: (main office) 267-296-7111

Our staff is available to support you and your child throughout their school experience. We are available to meet with families and answer questions via the email addresses listed here.


First nameLast namePositionEmail
AaliyahWorleyClassroom Counselor[email protected]
AbigailHenryHistory Teacher - High School[email protected]
AiyanaMobleyScience Teacher - High School[email protected]
AmandaMekongoTransition Coordinator[email protected]
AmyHunterClassroom Clinician[email protected]
AnimahDanquahArt Teacher - Middle School[email protected]
AnnetteSantiago-MichaelsEnglish Teacher - Middle School[email protected]
AntioneKingEnglish Teacher - Middle School[email protected]
ArianaGarciaEnglish Teacher - High School[email protected]
BernedaHaywardEnglish Teacher - Middle School[email protected]
CallanSturgisScience Teacher - High School[email protected]
ChloeBrownSpecialized Services Case Manager - High School[email protected]
ChristineKerrEnglish Teacher - High School[email protected]
ChristopherHilplEnglish Teacher - High School[email protected]
ClaytonCarothers IVScience Teacher - High School[email protected]
ColinPepperSupport Teacher - Relay Resident[email protected]
CourtneyShillingSpecialized Services Teacher LIL - High School[email protected]
DanielHechtEnglish Teacher - High School[email protected]
DavidCampbellMath Teacher - High School[email protected]
DelaneySauglingScience Teacher - High School[email protected]
DerekHaughey-LeakCollege Coordinator[email protected]
DerrickCartwrightAssistant Principal of Instruction - High School[email protected]
DiaJonesDean[email protected]
DiamondWarrenSpanish Teacher - High School[email protected]
DylanHartwickEnglish Teacher - High School[email protected]
EricJaffeSupport Teacher - Relay Resident[email protected]
EugeneLettClassroom Counselor[email protected]
GavrielRubensteinSpecialized Services Case Manager - High School[email protected]
GriffinPepperHistory Teacher - High School[email protected]
HaywoodHendersonClassroom Counselor[email protected]
ImaniL PriceInternship Coordinator: Workforce Development[email protected]
JamieDaviesSpecialized Services Case Manager - High School[email protected]
JananGreen-AshtonSocial Emotional Learning Teacher - High School[email protected]
JanellRohanMusic Teacher - High School[email protected]
JasonDancerTechnology Teacher - High School[email protected]
JennelleSeidenIntervention Teacher - High School[email protected]
JenniferLawrenceSpecialized Services Case Manager - High School[email protected]
JoshuaBargibandMath Teacher - High School[email protected]
JuanitaHarrisonAssistant Principal of Specialized Services - High School[email protected]
JuliaFeeneyScience Teacher - High School[email protected]
KaseyO'KeefeSpecialized Services Teacher - High School[email protected]
KatherineSchoemakerAssistant Principal/Director of Operations - High School[email protected]
KatherineZiembaAssistant Principal of Instruction - High School[email protected]
KathrinaBerkCollege Coordinator[email protected]
KerrySorensenCollege Advisor[email protected]
KhairaNahlDean[email protected]
KhijaniqueGodleyEnglish Teacher - High School[email protected]
KimberlyRogersAdministrative Assistant[email protected]
KyaRobinsonDean[email protected]
KyleEppsPhysical Education Teacher - High School[email protected]
LaurenKopeckiSpecialized Services Teacher - High School[email protected]
MarieOnoratoSpecialized Services Teacher - High School[email protected]
MeaghannLawsonPrincipal - High School[email protected]
MecheleV AbrahamArt Teacher - High School[email protected]
MeganZorReading Specialist - High School[email protected]
MeganDinan-SarnoskiSpecialized Services Teacher - Middle School[email protected]
MeghanKingcadeMath Teacher - High School[email protected]
MelissaPanzerScience Teacher - High School[email protected]
MilanLandersMath Teacher - High School[email protected]
MollyEarnerEnglish Teacher - High School[email protected]
MonicaBrownMath Teacher - Middle School[email protected]
NathanielHardyArt Teacher - High School[email protected]
NiajahJonesEnglish Teacher - High School[email protected]
NicholasDonofryMath Teacher - High School[email protected]
NinaRoqueAdministrative Assistant[email protected]
OlaitanFafiadeSupport Teacher - High School[email protected]
PatrickTagueMath Teacher - High School[email protected]
PatrickLindseyMath Teacher - High School[email protected]
RachelCostelloEnglish Teacher - High School[email protected]
RaheemBerryDean[email protected]
RasheenHillDean[email protected]
RichardMoyerHistory Teacher - High School[email protected]
RoseDickersonAttendance Coordinator (Part-Time)[email protected]
SamuelWalkerBuilding Engineer[email protected]
SarahGentrySocial Worker[email protected]
ShadaeHamiltonMath Teacher - High School[email protected]
StaceyWilsonSpecialized Services Teacher - High School[email protected]
StephanieLynchMath Teacher - High School[email protected]
SulerAcostaSpanish Teacher - High School[email protected]
TameishaGutheryGuest Teacher - High School[email protected]
TatiannaFrancisAssistant Principal of Specialized Services - High School[email protected]
TeadraGloverIntervention Teacher - High School[email protected]
Terry-AnAlouidorSocial Worker[email protected]
TomCoyleScience Teacher - High School[email protected]
VerlainaJohnsonSupport Teacher - High School[email protected]
VeronicaKoffSpecialized Services Case Manager - High School[email protected]
VictoriaBortzfieldHistory Teacher - High School[email protected]
WilliamCraigAssistant Principal of School Culture - High School[email protected]

"There's a charter school called Mastery in Philadelphia. And in just two years, three of the schools that Mastery has taken over have seen reading and math levels nearly double - in some cases, triple...Now, if a school like Mastery can do it, every troubled school can do it."

-President Barack Obama