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Molina Lower is a special place where your child will experience the joy of learning and rigorous academics in a safe, loving environment.

We are proud to prioritize and preserve students’ home language and offer a Spanish classroom where students learn to read, write and speak in Spanish!

Students who attend Molina Lower have the opportunity to automatically attend Molina Upper Elementary and then Mastery High School of Camden, giving them a full K-12 Mastery experience.





Our School

A Foundation for Success

  • Culturally-diverse curriculum allows students to see positive
    reflections of themselves and windows into the lives of others
  • More than 2 hours of Literacy instruction, includes:
    – 1 hour of small group instruction (6 students to 1 teacher) where each student is taught at his/her current reading level
    – 45 minutes of reading at or above grade level to encourage deep understanding of complex texts
    – 40 minutes of daily writing instruction where students create narrative, argumentative and informational writing pieces
  • Challenging classes to prepare students for success in a changing world
  • Bilingual programming teaches students how to read, write and speak in Spanish
  • Support to help English Language Learners learn English faster
  • Individualized programming to meet students where they are, whether they are advanced or need some additional support

If you are interested in seeing our teachers in action, check out our YouTube channel here!

Learn more about our K-12 Approach.

We’re Happy and We Know It!

  • A joyful musical arrival where students can sing and dance together as they come into the building each day
  • Cooperative learning for students to learn how to communicate, play, and make believe with their friends every day
  • Socialized recess provides a place for students to participate in various activities and make new friends
  • Mindfulness classes teach students how to understand their emotions and build self-control
  • Art, music, theatre/drama and physical education for all students
  • Small school where everybody knows your name
  • Full leadership team to give individualized attention to each child & their family
  • Monthly family Literacy and Math Nights
  • Culturally-diverse events to celebrate all families and cultures
  • 40% of staff speaks Spanish
  • Monthly food bank for our families and the community
  • Reading partners with Bookmates and Camden County PD
  • Molina offers a variety of after school activities and clubs.  Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Soccer, Basketball and Choir
  • Free after-school program for working families where students can get help with homework and do fun, structured activities

Are you interested in raising your child bilingual? Do you want him or her to learn to read, write and speak in BOTH English and Spanish?

Data shows that students who learn two languages simultaneously perform better in school, on standardized tests and earn higher paying jobs as adults!

Molina Lower School prioritizes and preserves students’ home language and culture! We offer a Spanish classroom where students learn to read, write and speak in Spanish! We call this course, Spanish Language Arts and it is available at each grade level for students who meet the qualifications!

Qualifications for Enrollment: (must answer yes to 2 or more questions)

  1. Do you speak Spanish at home?
  2. Was your child previously enrolled in a bilingual program at a school?
  3. Are you committed to helping your child learn in BOTH languages?

Students in the bilingual program receive Spanish Language Arts and learn to read in Spanish throughout Kindergarten, first and second grade. They have all other subjects in English and transition into Language Arts in English as they move to Molina Upper School in Third Grade. Students also receive specific instruction in English from a certified ESL teacher who assists them in other content areas.


School Uniform purchasing information-

  • Molina lower uniforms are available for purchase at Uniform City  downtown Camden 721 Broadway, Camden, NJ 08103.Feel free to call (856) 963-7680. Store Hours are Monday through Friday 10-4om.
  • All families receive a free uniform Voucher. The Uniform Voucher can be redeemed Uniform City located at 721 Broadway Street.   Please Stop by Molina lower Front Desk at 415 N. 9th Street  to pick up your voucher or Call (856)993-7004 with any questions.
  • Students Uniforms at Molina Lower School are Light Blue Polo Shirts and navy Blue Bottoms. Any type of shoe as long as they are closed toe.

Our Team

Dr. Kimberly Blake, Principal K-2


[email protected]

Dr. Blake is the founding principal of Mastery Molina Lower School. She enjoys partnering with parents and creating opportunities to foster a strong home and school connection. A fierce advocate for families and community members, Dr. Blake leads monthly family workshops to support families in their journey through parenthood.

Before coming to Mastery, Dr. Blake spent the first nine years of her career as a bilingual teacher in three public schools in various neighborhoods in North Philadelphia. She also worked as an executive bilingual coach for American Reading Company where she helped schools around the country improve their general and bilingual instructional programming by using literacy as the lever. A supporter of language development and maintenance of home language, Dr. Blake is passionate about developing a strong bilingual program for K-2 students at Molina.

Dr. Blake holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Foreign Language and International Studies for Elementary Teaching from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Curriculum Development, and an Educational Doctorate from Immaculata University in Higher Education Administration. She has experience teaching college-level courses at the Colleges of Education at Temple University and LaSalle University.


Our staff is available to support you and your child throughout their school experience. We are available to meet with families and answer questions via the email addresses listed here.


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