Mastery Charter Schools - Engaging Families and Communities

Families are our partners

Families are a child’s first and most important teachers. Together, we are partners in education.

Our doors are always open and we encourage families to stop by any time to see what’s happening in the classroom or to talk to school leaders and teachers.


Families Served by Mastery Each Year

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School Based Groups

School-based parent leadership groups

  • Supports each school through volunteering on campus and at events, fundraising to support school initiatives and promoting activities
  • Parent-led council organized and maintained by the School District of Philadelphia
  • Oversight role is to monitor the school-based charter agreements between the School District of Philadelphia and each Mastery Renaissance school
  • Monitor the academic progress of each Mastery Renaissance school and report Mastery‚Äôs progress annually to the District

Network Wide Groups

Mastery Parents Make a Difference

Be a part of a powerful group of parents who create positive change for our children and communities!

Parent Action Team

Who is the Parent Action Team?

You…and other parents like you who want safe, vibrant communities and high-quality schools for all children.

What do Parent Action Team leaders do?

Build relationships with other parents and neighbors to work together on issues that matter

How do we do that?

Parent, school and community leaders identify issues, plan strategy and take action.

How do I benefit?

You’ll learn organizing skills, grow as a leader and engage in the public arena.

How do I join?

Just click the “contact us” link below!

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