Remote Learning Resources - Mastery Charter School

This page contains resources to help your child outside of their 3 hours of Academic time.

Academic supplements

Academic activities include reading a book (or having a parent read to a child), journaling, working on an online math or reading program, completing a worksheet, etc…  As long as the child is reading, writing or solving math problems at their level, the time is being well spent.

Music, Art, & Craft Time

Scheduling music and art time will support ensuring a healthy mind and body.  Encourage your child to use this time to develop a new skill or explore a new art or music venture. Scheduling time daily for children to be physically active will support fitness as well as a healthy mood.  There are countless exercise resources available on the internet including exercise routines and yoga.  Furthermore, as long as social distancing is maintained bike riding, walking and running might prove to be great options.



Other Creative Activities

If your child, after doing all of the above says, “There’s nothing to do,” here’s a quick follow up.  How about trying to…bake cookies, learn to juggle, solve that Rubik’s cube, learn mindfulness meditation, walk the dog, start a diary, learn a magic trick, make an origami bird, try moonwalking…

Helping Families Cope

Sample Schedules with Resources