Staff Spotlight: Andrea Weldon - Mastery Charter School

Staff Spotlight: Andrea Weldon

Cramer Hill Elementary
1st Grade Teacher

“I came to Mastery with over 10 years of experience in the classroom.  After the first week of onboarding, I knew I found the place where I plan to spend the rest of my career. This school year, I have been able to hone my craft as a teacher. I have been supported by:


  • high-impact professional development trainings,
  • targeted observations, guidance, and feedback from my direct manager, 
  • real talk with my colleagues that drives me to become a better educator,
  • deep data dives to analyze trends and tailor my instruction for greater student outcomes. 


I was losing my passion for teaching prior to my decision to choose Mastery. As I finish my first year, I can firmly say I am beyond grateful to have come home to Mastery Cramer Hill. I am profoundly changed. I hope your experience has the same impact on you. To the new staff of 2022-23, Welcome to Mastery!”