October is National Principals Month! - Mastery Charter School

October is National Principals Month!

Designated by several national organizations, National Principals Month celebrates the visionary leadership of school principals and their efforts to promote success and achievement in their schools. While we of course appreciate our principals year-round, we take this moment during an especially challenging year to truly share our love and appreciation to the principals and assistant principals that lead our schools.

Mastery has some of the very best, most talented, and most dedicated school leaders in the country.

Each of our Mastery schools are equipped with a principal who is responsible for the overall management of their school, and a team of smart and devoted teachers and knowledgeable staff. The principal works to drive all academic initiatives, oversee professional development for the staff, and build a welcoming culture for students and staff. Our principals are key in ensuring that Mastery’s mission and values are embedded into our schools. Inspired by the students and the educators that work with them daily, our principals work to foster an environment of learning, collaboration, support, and love; they take pride in creating a space that provides the structure and opportunity for both students and for staff to grow.

We thank each of our 26 principals for their commitment to their schools. We appreciate the work that you do to make Mastery great for our staff, students, and their families.