Mastery Charter School network's sports community supports thriving academics - Mastery Charter School

Mastery Charter School network’s sports community supports thriving academics


PHILADELPHIA – The city’s largest charter school network has turned what was once an almost nonexistent athletics program into a thriving sports community for students. And the man behind it is watching his dream come true.

Students call him Coach, but you can call him John Davidson. He’s the assistant principal of school culture at Mastery Charter School Lenfest Campus in Center City.

“Our motto is ‘I’m not here to teach you football. I’m here to teach you to be a better man or person,’” Davidson said.

“Sustainability is the key. Things shouldn’t depend on a person but a system — and the system is sustainable over time, every step of the way. Despite COVID. We’ve stayed the course,” Davidson said.

Since 2011, his goal has been to provide students a focus point away from street violence while at the same time creating a path to graduation.