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Lead at Mastery: Apply for 2024-2025 positions today

Mastery Schools empowers students with the knowledge and skills they need to pursue their dreams and succeed after graduation – a mission we could not accomplish without highly qualified, passionate school leaders at the helm. 

In preparation for the 2024-2025 school year, we are recruiting leaders to influence school culture, rigorous academic frameworks, specialized services, and more. Priority positions include Assistant Principals of Instruction (STEM), Assistant Principals of Instruction (ELA), Assistant Principals of Instruction (Elementary), Assistant Principals of Specialized Services, and Specialized Services Case Managers. 

In addition to competitive salaries, performance pay, and comprehensive benefits packages, Mastery leaders gain access to a collaborative and diverse network of colleagues and an abundance of resources designed to support professional development and empower excellence.

If you’re a leader passionate about education, equity, servant leadership, and making a difference in the lives of students in urban communities, we encourage you to explore open positions and apply to join our community.   

You can also gain insight into the experience of current leaders at Mastery by checking out the testimonials below. 

Leader testimonials 

Tahiana Lamb, Assistant Principal of Instruction, Mann Elementary

“Education is my passion.What I love about my role is supporting teachers with the best teaching practices that lead to student achievement and growth. Mann Elementary educators and I work together to teach every student based on their individual learning needs while students are being pushed to their greatest potential and beyond.”

Nicholas Wilson, Assistant Principal of Instruction – Humanities, Hardy Williams High


“As an assistant principal of instruction, there are three aspects of my job that fill my cup most. First, I get to serve our families by giving them confidence that our school is going to strive to be consistent with doing right by their children. They’ve put a lot of trust in us, and that’s a responsibility I feel more conviction and motivation for daily. Second, I can contribute in tangible ways to fortify a school community deeply invested in empowerment, impact, purpose, and love. I know that when I show up with that top of mind, heart and actions, and celebrate those same qualities in our staff, it inevitably permeates throughout our building and reaches our kids. Third, I have the autonomy to make positive changes. I have the opportunity to translate my values, convictions, dreams, and philosophy in a very actionable way. When I see problems or opportunities – there’s almost always something I can do about it. That’s very fulfilling for me.”

Jeena Joy, Assistant Principal of Instruction – Elementary, McGraw Elementary

“Despite only working with Mastery for a short period of time, I know that I made the right decision to join a network that truly believes in their leadership and their capabilities to make great educators. I feel cared for and invested in, and I am constantly learning and growing! I love collaborating with my team, other leaders across the network, and my teachers. Everyone has a true love and passion for education, and I feel like I can be a lifelong learner with Mastery.”

Brandon Cooper, Assistant Principal of Instruction, Pastorius-Richardson Elementary

“Mastery stands on a mission that states, ‘All students learn the academic and personal skills they need to be truly prepared for postsecondary success and pursue their dreams.’ I believe teachers learn the skills they need to become stellar educators at Mastery. I returned to the very place that taught me how to teach and lead well. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to lead and share my expertise with teachers that are all in and fully invested in the lives of our students.”