Anthony Estes - Mastery Charter School

Anthony Estes

Assistant Principal
Cramer Hill Elementary School

Anthony Estes, Assistant Principal of Instruction at Mastery’s Cramer Hill Elementary School, has been with Mastery for more than nine years, serving as a math teacher, dean of students, and assistant principal of culture, and this year, he is continuing the leadership path and is participating in the Principal Fellowship Program for Aspiring Principals. But, if you had to ask Anthony about what he loved most while serving in any of those roles, it would be the authentic relationships he has been able to create. Hear more about Anthony’s Mastery experience in this Q&A: 

What keeps you at Mastery?

I’ve been at Mastery for more than nine years, and I’ve chosen to stay at Mastery because of the organization’s dedication to continuous improvement and its core value of doing what’s right for students, families, and staff no matter what. I see myself in the students that I serve, and I want the best for them. 

I also love working with my team at Cramer Hill Mastery Charter School in Camden, NJ! Mastery Charter School is a trailblazer in education, and being able to work with passionate, intentional, and driven leaders who are committed to pushing one another and putting students first keeps me motivated. I feel valued and appreciated as a leader at Mastery. I am truly looking forward to another 9+ years!

What do you love most about your job? 

I love being able to create authentic relationships with students, families, and staff members daily. Keeping in touch with students and their families, even after graduation, is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. Most times as an educator you don’t get the opportunity to see the long-term impact you had on students. I’ve been fortunate enough to stay in contact with many of my students and share in their success; from college acceptances, starting careers, or in just knowing that they are okay. I’m always humbled by moments like these, because sometimes I forget the invisible impact that I have on students.

What would you tell a prospective employee about the journey to become a leader at Mastery? Why should they join?  

Mastery truly invests in cultivating leaders and supporting their growth and future aspirations. Over the years, I have been able to be a part of a variety of leadership opportunities at Mastery. Throughout the journey, Mastery has been extremely supportive. I appreciate how Mastery is dedicated to seeking out potential leaders from within the school network and investing in their development. If you are interested in continued development and want to multiply your impact on student achievement, taking on a leadership role at Mastery is for you!