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Mastery Fellows Program for Aspiring Principals

Prepare for your next step on your leadership journey at Mastery!

Program Overview

The Mastery Fellowship is designed to build and diversify Mastery’s leadership pipeline and succession planning by developing a select group of exceptionally talented and diverse current APs and directors who have aspirations of serving as principals and senior central office leaders at Mastery. The one year program provides a competitive opportunity for current Mastery leaders to ready themselves for their next step in leadership while remaining in their current role.

The Fellowship experience is primarily self-driven. Fellows are provided mentors and coaches as well as opportunities for collaboration, school visits, leadership shadowing and networking. Fellows maximize these resources and opportunities to augment their leadership skills and knowledge and prepare for the next step on their leadership journey at Mastery.


Year Program


Additional Compensation Possible


Year Commitment

Expectations of Fellows

  • Fellows make a five year commitment to lead at Mastery (including their Fellowship year).
  • Fellows are expected to maintain strong standing in their current role while participating in all Fellowship activities, events and experiences.
  • Fellows are strongly encouraged to:
    • Seek opportunities to stretch their leadership skills and engage with multiple constituencies through projects, unique management arrangements and responsibilities that exceed their current role;
    • Make great efforts to network with leaders across Mastery and within the NST;
    • Build and contribute to a supportive network with other Fellows.

Requirements for Fellowship Consideration

  • Current Mastery assistant principals or directors that are in good standing.
  • A clear desire to serve as a principal.
  • Advanced and Master standing in current role is preferable.

Note on Good Standing & Advancement

  • While Fellows are required to actively participate in trainings and events, engage with readings, etc. there is no formal portfolio development or evaluated work/tasks assigned. Good standing in the fellowship is limited to good standing in the fellow’s current role and active and consistent participation in the fellowship.
  • Fellows in good standing are invited to participate in the selection process for open principalships and/or senior leadership positions at any point during and after the one year fellowship.
  • Participation in the Fellowship is not a prerequisite to apply for a principalship or any other leadership position at Mastery.
  • Fellows are not assured advancement at Mastery but the credential is highly valued and the program is designed to support their advancement.

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