Ventilation: Air Quality at Mastery Schools | Mastery Charter School

Listen and learn as Omar Robinson, Sr. Director of Facilities Management of Mastery Schools, shares some of the incredible improvements Mastery has made to our schools’ air quality and ventilation systems to prepare for a #SafeReturntoSchools. We’ve made a $3 million investment to upgrade our building’s ventilation systems and purchase plasma air cleaning units that remove over 99% of virus particles from the air!


As part of Mastery’s COVID-19 health & safety planning, we conducted a complete review of every school’s ventilation systems.


As a way to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in school buildings and workplaces, the CDC recommends improving building ventilation. The following steps are suggested:

  1. Increase flow of outdoor air
  2. Increase total airflow supply
  3. Open windows when possible to increase amount of outdoor air (not required if proper air filtration exists in the space)
  4. Improve central air filtration or consider using portable HEPA filtration systems


Mastery hired third-party environmental consultants to conduct a thorough review of every school’s ventilation system and indoor air quality to minimize transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Mastery and its consultants followed the guidance issued by ASHRAE, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.


14 schools had HVAC systems that could be brought to ASHRAE standards by using existing ventilation and filtration systems



Cramer Hill


East Camden


Mastery High School of Camden

  • Balanced and checked all equipment for full functionality
  • Please check back soon for full school ventilation report

Molina Lower

Molina Upper


Prep Elementary

Prep Middle


Thomas High


10 schools required purchase of air purifying systems



Hardy Williams




Molina Annex


Thomas El


Simon Gratz