Thrive Thursdays: Erin Chekemian's Journey from Teacher to Leader - Mastery Charter School

Thrive Thursdays: Erin Chekemian’s Journey from Teacher to Leader

Hardy Williams Elementary

Erin Chekemian is more than just a 6th grade math teacher at Mastery’s Hardy Williams Elementary. She also works as a school leader, supporting students and colleagues in order to ensure the school community continues to work towards Mastery’s mission and goals. She was immediately drawn to Mastery because of the schools’ commitment to finding strong teachers, who are dedicated to empowering and preparing students to pursue their dreams.


What do you love most about Mastery and your job?

I love the sense of family and how I was immediately embraced by other faculty and staff from the day I started. I enjoy working with individuals, who are passionate about educating children–it truly inspires me every, single day. I am constantly learning, evolving, and improving my professional skillset. Additionally, I feel supported in a safe, loving, and learning community. Mastery has given me the opportunity to actively fulfill my dream as an educator, and has allowed me to be a part of building an anti-racist environment in our school.


What impact do you make as a leader?

As a leader, I work to be a role model for others by inspiring them to reach high expectations for themselves and their students. My goal is to support Mastery’s Hardy Williams Elementary in reaching its fullest potential. I advocate for my students and teammates while leading in any areas or positions that need assistance. In my role, I am responsible for providing support, helping to problem solve, and delivering consistent empowerment. My work directly supports teachers holding themselves accountable, working together as a team, and achieving their goals.


What would you tell a prospective employee at Mastery about the journey to become a leader at Mastery? Why should they join?

Mastery is unlike any school where I have previously worked. There are so many opportunities for professional development and leadership, while being a part of a strong community with a shared goal. Mastery encourages you to push yourself beyond the boundaries that could hold you back from achieving your fullest potential. Mastery provides a community where you feel valued, important, and essential in the journey towards building an anti-racism community and preparing students to pursue their dreams. I would encourage any prospective employee to remain open to feedback and welcome continuous improvement. Use every opportunity to observe others and build connections among the Mastery team. Stay involved, reach out with questions, and never hesitate to engage in open dialogue with the administration.


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