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The Philly difference: insights from a dedicated Mastery educator

In a heartfelt testimony with Teach PHL, 8th-grade math teacher Tai Mirach shares her passion for teaching in Philadelphia and the profound impact it’s had on her career and belonging.

Mirach, who has been teaching at Gratz Prep Middle for two years, expresses a deep connection to Philadelphia. She cites its vibrant culture, supportive community, and opportunities for professional growth as key reasons for her affection.

Mirach shares that one of the most rewarding aspects of her current teaching role is  the sense of personal connection she feels with her students. “It feels more personal; the kids look like me, and it’s really nice to know that the kids can look at me and see themselves as an adult.”

She also highlights the support she receives in her professional development as a teacher at Mastery Schools-acknowledging that she’s experienced significant growth and has already been promoted within two years – an achievement she attributes to the city’s supportive environment for educators.

“I feel like people appreciate the teachers here,” Mirach emphasizes, underscoring the value placed on educators within the Philadelphia community. 

Learn more about Mirach’s experience teaching in Philadelphia in the video below.


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