Staff Spotlight: Erin Farrell - Mastery Charter School

Staff Spotlight: Erin Farrell

Molina Upper
6th Grade ELA Teacher/Schoology Champion Leader

Ms. Farrell is an awesome teacher that is completely engaging. When you are in Ms. Farrell’s class you learn through many different methods.  You will find yourself completely engaged in writing strategies through rapping and dancing how to write or finding the main gist in a story. Ms. Farrell is the assistant coach of the track team, a coach /volunteer for the annual talent show, and on the Black History Planning Committee at Molina Upper.


What do you love about Mastery?

I love our students and the genuine relationships that are formed. I love that teachers and staff are continuously learning and challenging one another to be the best we can be for our students and their families.


What would you say to a friend who is thinking about applying/working at Mastery?

I would tell them to be authentic and open to learning about students, their families, and the community. I would also tell them to prepare to not only be teaching students but also learning a lot from our students and learning a lot about themselves in the process.


What makes working at Mastery Challenging /fun /valued?

Mastery challenges you to be creative in your teaching and leadership and Mastery also pushes for continuous improvement, so you are your best or your students. I feel valued because my administration not only pushes me to be a better teacher but guides me to be a leader in my field.