School Board Votes to Renew Charters for five Mastery Schools

School Board Votes to Renew Charters for five Mastery Schools


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School Board Votes Unanimously to Renew Charters for five Mastery Schools

The Philadelphia School Board voted unanimously to approve five-year renewals for five Mastery charter schools: Harrity, Lenfest, Mann, Smedley and Thomas. Combined, they educate over 3,000 students throughout Philadelphia.

“We are delighted that the Philadelphia School Board voted to renew the charters for five of our schools,” said Mastery Charter Schools CEO Scott Gordon who attended the meeting. “Over the last few months nearly 2,400 parents, staff and community members signed petitions in support of the renewals, not because it was a requirement of the process, but because they believe in Mastery and trust that we are providing a high-quality education to their children. These renewals mean we can continue to serve our current families and prepare even more students for postsecondary success in the years to come.”

Mastery supporters packed the room for the December 12 board meeting to witness the votes. Many, including Samuel E. Streater Jr., offered passionate public testimony supporting the renewals.

“Mastery is an asset to the academic community here in the Philadelphia area and I personally am very happy with the job Mastery has done as it relates to my children’s education,” Streater told the board before the vote.

Juliet Rojas, whose two children attended Smedley before the Renaissance turnaround, also spoke about the success her children have had at Mastery.

“Our data proves that our students are learning and gaining the necessary skills to become productive members of our society. But as a parent, I don’t even need the data, I just look at my daughters and I know how far they’ve come.”


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