Referral Spotlight: Jennifer Basile - Mastery Charter School

Referral Spotlight: Jennifer Basile

Thomas Elementary
English Language Arts Teacher

An English Language Arts Teacher at Thomas Elementary, Jennifer Basile, joined the Mastery family six years ago as referral. Now, she has successfully referred three new hires to Mastery and continues to share why Mastery is a great place to grow your career. Learn why Jennifer loves her work in this staff spotlight.


Tell us more about your role at Thomas Elementary. What do you love about it? 

I absolutely love teaching 6th graders. The deep conversations we get into in morning meeting, the debates we engage in over our novels, the accountability they take in their own learning…it’s all so incredible to be a part of everyday. I also cannot speak highly enough about my colleagues. I have never met such a hardworking, caring, and helpful group of people. Everyone is always ready and willing to lend a helping hand, collaborate on content, share resources, etc. I have also made life-long friendships here, which is something that most adults cannot say about the people within their workplace.


What has made you want to continue to “grow your career” at Mastery?

I always tell people how much my teaching craft has grown due to Mastery. When I came to Thomas Elementary in 2017, I felt confident in my teaching but didn’t fully realize how much more there was to learn! Between trainings, one-on-one meetings with my Assistant Principal of Instruction, visits from leadership, I am constantly being pushed to learn, practice, and grow. My potential here is ever-evolving. I may be a teacher here, but at Mastery, I do just as much learning as the students!


Why do you choose to refer folks to work at Mastery?

Often, I find myself conversing with other teachers [at other schools] about the things I love at Thomas Elementary and how much I have grown as an educator during my [time] at Mastery. I am happy to [encourage] all who are looking to advance their career to check out Mastery. I came from a school that I knew in my heart was not the right fit for me, so I know from experience that teachers at other schools sometimes feel this way or may be brand new to the education field and have no idea what to expect. I am happy to tell them about everything that Mastery has to offer! I enjoy answering their questions and guiding them in the application process. After all, it was a referral from my best friend and college roommate that got me to apply to Mastery and now I’m in my 6th year at Thomas El and couldn’t be happier! Of course, I want to share this same information with any educators I possibly can!