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Mastery’s Class of 2024 Graduates Into Diverse College, Career Pathways

Mastery Schools is proud to announce the graduation of 750 seniors in its Class of 2024 from Hardy Williams High, Lenfest Campus, Mastery High School of Camden, Pickett Campus, Shoemaker Campus, Simon Gratz High, and Thomas Campus. 

Despite entering high school amid a global pandemic that disproportionately impacted their communities, our graduates set ambitious goals, persevered, and let nothing stand in the way of their progress. With their sights set on diverse postsecondary pathways, the Class of 2024 exemplifies Mastery’s mission to provide all students with the personal and academic skills they need to pursue their dreams and succeed after high school.

Boasting impressive plans for the future, about 63% of Mastery graduates will matriculate to two- and four-year colleges and universities spanning from Pennsylvania and New Jersey to Puerto Rico. Roughly 37% of graduates have chosen equally commendable paths, planning to attend technical trade schools, serve in the United States armed forces, or directly enter the workforce thanks to dual enrollment and training they received as part of their curriculum. 

These results further demonstrate the breadth of opportunities that Mastery students are prepared to accept as a result of rigorous academic instruction and personalized support that led to positive student outcomes.  The Class of 2024’s achievements highlight the power of determination and showcase the benefit of a Mastery education. As they walk through the world, now alumni of Mastery Schools, they carry with them the skills they’ve learned and the Mastery values they’ve come to embody. 

Class of 2024, your achievements are a testament to your hard work, resilience, and the power of a Mastery education. Congratulations on your graduation!