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I’m Gonna Push Through: Teacher’s Chant is Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders

By Jerico Mandybur


The future of the United States, and the world, is in safe hands with teachers just like Jasmyn Wright around.

Just a day after Donald Trump was announced U.S. president-elect, the Frederick Douglass Elementary school in Philadelphia educator recorded her class chanting an ode to black excellence and an inspiring call to “push through.”

The teacher told Huffington Post that “pushing through” means conquering your fear and getting through adversity. “Some things in life are inevitable, and you can’t control them. However, you have control over your response and reaction to those situations.

“Anybody, any religion, any race, any age, any disability, any obstacle, can push through. We are limitless,” she said.

The call-and-response exercise lets Wright’s third grade students know that there are no barriers to their current and future success.

Michelle Obama? She pushed through. Nelson Mandela? He pushed through. Huey P. Newton? He pushed through.

And if they can do it, then? These kids can do it too.