Hurann Cooper - Mastery Charter School

Hurann Cooper

Biology Teacher
Lenfest Campus

Why does Mastery’s Hurann Cooper LOVE her work?

What keeps me at Mastery is that I love being a part of such a dynamic student-centered organization. In my 18 years with Mastery, the organization has evolved but one thing that has stayed consistent is that we continue to push students to achieve academically and we remain committed to helping ALL students pursue their dreams.

Mastery’s buildings are adorned in bright, cheerful and inviting colors that promote a sense of well-being.  I am always welcomed by friendly smiles and helping hands from leaders, teachers, staff, and students.  Even on the tough days I know that my co-workers are like family and are always there for me.

Mastery has offered supports for me to develop, grow and improve my skill as a teacher.  I am grateful that I never feel unsupported or alone because there are tons of bright minds providing resources within the organization. Mastery offers professional developments, coaching, teacher mentoring, and planning meetings just to name a few.  Mastery does a great job at promoting from within and it’s common to see teachers step up to become leaders at Mastery and even former students come back to work at their alma mater. This is a testament to Mastery’s investment in their community.