DACA Financial Assistance Letter - Mastery Charter School

DACA Financial Assistance Letter

September 29, 2017


Dear Mastery Community,


The deadline to apply for a 2-year renewal for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is October 5th.  Thanks to a generous donation from a Mastery partner, any students, alumni, parents of Mastery students, teachers, or staff that are eligible for DACA and financially constrained by the $500 filing fee can receive financial assistance.


If you need financial assistance in order to re-apply for DACA, please reach out to your school’s Family and Community Engagement Manager or Ceci Schickel directly at [email protected] so we can quickly process your filing fees before the October 5th deadline.





Ceci Schickel, Senior Director of Organizing and Advocacy

Dr. William Hayes, Principal, Mastery East Campus & Mastery High School of Camden

Rickia Reid, Principal, Mastery Molina Upper Elementary

Robyne McLeod, Principal, Mastery Molina Lower Elementary

Meredith Howell-Turner, Principal, Mastery Cramer Hill Lower Elementary

Jessie Gismondi, Principal, Mastery Cramer Hill Upper Elementary

LaQuanda Jackson, Principal, Mastery McGraw Elementary


School Contacts & Phone Numbers

Mastery East Campus (East Camden Middle): (856) 966-5111
Mastery High School of Camden: (856) 966-5111
Mastery Cramer Hill Elementary: (856) 338-0463
Mastery Molina Upper Elementary: (856) 966-8970
Mastery Molina Lower Elementary: (856) 966-8970