Home Access Center - Mastery Charter School

Mastery is committed to partnering with families to ensure our students learn and thrive. Mastery is using Home Access Center (HAC) to provide families with access to up-to-date information regarding students’ academic progress. HAC was designed to provide families access to a range of data that crosses a number of aspects of the student experience.

Using HAC will mean that families will have timely access to:

  • Assignments (due dates, point values)
  • Grades (course averages  – quarter to date grades)
  • Report cards (grades 3-12 report card grades)
  • Attendance (absence types)
  • Discipline/Behavior (incidents)
  • Assessments (benchmarks and standardized test performance
  • Registration (contact information and house team)
  • Schedules (period by period schedule)
  • Ability to set alerts (attendance, behaviors, course averages, and more)

HAC is an easy to navigate one stop shop that will have the same interface and functionality across every class and every campus.

Having access to a robust set of data, in an easy to use and understand format, that is consistent across every teacher, class, and school will empower our families with the information they need to forge meaningful academic partnerships with teachers and staff.

Families can download the Home Access Center App, which is available for IOS and Android devices.

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