Medical Accommodations Request Process - Mastery Charter School

Accommodation requests for remote learning are now available. If your child or a household member has a medical condition that requires the student learn remotely, please complete this online form by July 19. You will then receive a form to share with your healthcare provider, which should be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than August 20.

We hope and expect close to 100% of Mastery students will return to full-time in-person learning in the fall. However, we know there are students and household members who have a documented medical condition and where remote learning is a necessary precaution. To support these students, Mastery will offer remote learning for a limited number of students who meet medical eligibility requirements. All students with a signed form confirming that remote learning is required will be granted an accommodation for remote learning to continue.

For more information about Mastery’s health and safety measures, click here.

How to Apply for an Accommodation for Remote Learning

Families who need remote learning must provide a medical consent form signed by a physician or nurse practitioner that explains why their student requires this option (i.e., a documented medical need as determined by the healthcare provider of the student or of a household member).

If your student has a medical need for remote learning (either because of their own medical status or that of a household member), please follow these steps. Links will open in a new window.

Families must begin the process no later than July 19 and then submit forms to their healthcare provider. The healthcare provider should submit forms by August 20.

  1. Complete the parent consent form by July 19 to confirm your intent to apply for an accommodation.
  2. You will then receive a form for your medical provider to complete.
  3. Submit the form you will receive to your child’s or household member’s medical provider and ask them to return it to Mastery by August 20. Forms must be signed by a physician or nurse practitioner, or they will not be accepted.
    • If your healthcare provider has seen your child or household member s/he may be able to complete the form without an additional visit
    • If your healthcare provider has not seen your child or household member recently s/he may need to see the individual in person
    • If you need to make an appointment and are having trouble securing one, please contact [email protected] or 267-922-3373 and we will happily help you
  4. The healthcare provider may submit the form directly to Mastery or you can do so on their behalf by August 20 by emailing it to [email protected]. You can just take a picture of the signed form if you do not have an electronic copy.
  5. Our team will follow up with you if your form is incomplete, or to notify you if your form has been accepted.

Each student in a household that has a medical need for remote learning should complete their own medical consent form. Questions about the medical consent and certification process may be directed to [email protected]. All other questions should be directed to your school.

The Remote Learning Experience

  • If you apply for a remote learning accommodation, please note:
    • Remote students will be taught by Mastery teachers, but they may not be your student’s typically assigned teacher.
    • Mastery will offer a rich learning environment for students who need to participation in remote learning, but we cannot guarantee access to all courses or programs (e.g., a specific language course, courses outside of graduation requirements). Students will still have access to all required courses for graduation.
    • Remote students will need to commit to remote learning for one full report period. We encourage students and household members to consider vaccination as soon as possible, and will work to welcome the student back to in-person instruction in the following report period if and when the doctor believes that vaccination has created the necessary levels of safety for the household.
    • Attendance expectations will mirror in-person learning attendance requirements and remote students will be expected to attend live instruction in SY21-22.
    • Remote students are not eligible for in-person activities, including extracurricular and athletic activities, and before or aftercare

Remote Learning FAQ

All Mastery students in grades K-12 who provide a medical consent form signed by a doctor/nurse practitioner certifying that they have a preexisting medical condition that requires them to do remote learning will be eligible for remote learning. Students with medical needs unrelated to COVID-19 should follow the guidelines for homebound instruction.

Mastery believes that the best place for a student to learn is in the classroom and that is why we will fully reopen for every student, every day with their teachers and classmates this fall. Remote learning is limited to students with medical needs or students who live with household members with medical needs. All other students are expected to attend school in-person.

Yes, if a household member has a documented medical condition the accommodation can be requested on their behalf. Our medical form does not ask for any identifying information on the household member (name or preexisting medical condition.)

If a household member has a documented medical need for students in the household to participate in remote learning, families can submit one form for any siblings this applies to.

To support school planning we are asking families to start their remote learning medical eligibility form by July 19. Your school may also be able to help you get a doctors visit – please contact your school’s nurse.

Medical eligibility is determined by each child’s healthcare professional using the CDC’s list of preexisting conditions that may require additional precaution. It is important to note that the CDC is not listing which preexisting conditions require remote learning – merely that for some individuals with these conditions, depending on severity and other considerations, remote learning may be a needed precaution.

If you need help getting an appointment with your healthcare provider please contact [email protected] or 267-922-3373. Your school nurse can help connect you to care if you do not have a healthcare provider on record.

Mastery believes that the best place for a student to learn is in the classroom and that is why we will fully reopen for every student, every day with their teachers and classmates this fall. Remote learning is a full-time alternative to in-person learning. Mastery is not offering hybrid schedules.