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Black Lives Matter

Mastery's Commitment

In this moment of a necessary and long overdue national reckoning, we stand with the Black Lives Matter movement. In order to fulfill our vision as a model urban school district, Mastery must also be a model anti-racist school district.

We are committed to making our society, and our schools, more just and more free.

We will turn these words into concrete actions and will be keeping this page regularly updated with our work and our journey.


at Mastery Schools

We are prioritizing four main areas of work:

  1. Healthy Organization: We strive to model the behaviors and community we want for our students. We strive for a school community where all students, families, and staff feel valued, safe, supported, and welcomed.
  2. Student Outcomes: Mastery graduates have the academic and personal skills sufficient to navigate and lead in the world and the personal skills to pursue their chosen post-high school pathways. Mastery graduates successfully transition to the post-secondary path of their choosing.
  3. Student Experience: Students are affirmed and supported in meeting high expectations in every classroom. Instruction is both engaging and impactful and students are held to the highest expectations in every classroom.
  4. Families & Systems Engagement: Parents are partners with Mastery in the education of their children. Mastery will influence the regional debate on education and the significant issues that impact our families.

" give me hope. You show our community what perseverance looks like and the important role young people must play in the fight for justice."
Dr. William Hayes
Mastery High School of Camden Principal

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