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Internship Program

Mastery Charter Schools are dedicated to preparing its students to be competitive in the global economy.  This is diligently accomplished by having all students engage in an 18-week internship as a graduation requirement.  The Internship Program commences with a 12-week Internship Training Seminar, and continues with an 18-week internship with a company or organization in the city of Philadelphia.  The Thomas Campus takes great pride in it students’ mastering professional dress, business etiquette, resume building and interview skills, as well as surpassing Mentor Satisfaction percentages annually.  During Internship Practicum, students attend an Internship every Wednesday from 1:30pm to 5pm.  The Thomas Campus has relationships with more than 80 mentors from companies and organizations in a wide variety of fields throughout Philadelphia.  Internships provide opportunities for our students to experience the demands of the professional world and to demonstrate the skills needed for postsecondary learning, workplace achievements and life success.