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Internship Program

All of our students complete a mentorship during their sophomore year. To learn more, check out the Internship Program Brochure!

Interested in getting involved? Host an Intern!


Meet The Team

LaToya Coley, Internship Coordinator:


Here are some of the amazing organizations that host our interns

ACE ( Architecture, Construction & Engineering) Mentoring Program

Asian Arts Initiative


Chosen 300 Ministries

City of Philadelphia Department of Revenue


Diversified Community Services

Franklin Day Nursery

Global Citizen

Homemade Goodies

Junior Achievement Company Program


Mercy Hospice

Methodist Hospital

Mighty Writers

Solo Real Estate

Solutions for Progress

Southeast Philadelphia Collaborative

Temple POWER/VOICES Internships

University City Arts League

Young Scholars Charter School


Top 6 Reasons To Be Excited About Our Internship Program

  1. Thomas Campus Interns are highly trained in business etiquette and public speaking in preparation to work in a professional environment!  Our Interns spend an entire semester shaking hands and standing while participating in class!
  2. An average of 100 Thomas Campus Interns are placed in businesses and organizations across Philadelphia each year!
  3. The Thomas Campus Internship Program has a wide variety of diverse mentors and career fields, from culinary to engineering!
  4. “We were ill prepared for the incredible skill sets Tyunique (Nelson-Dickerson) put to use. Not only did she lead a workshop for adults at a conference, and received rave reviews, she went on to assist Mazzoni staff in a professional development training for teachers and administrators at another Mastery school. Not only is Tyunique the best intern we have ever had, she is one of the most integral members of the Student Leadership Board. We are been blown away by her strength and poise, and look forward to working with her in the future.” – Jaymie Campbell, Mazzoni Center
  5. “Aldercy (Lam) impressed me from the moment I met her.  Her confidence and professional demeanor was at a level well beyond her years.I am no stranger to high school interns, hosting more than ten over my six years at Comcast.  Aldercy is above all the best high school intern I’ve ever had.  Aldercy is truly the ideal Mastery Charter intern, and has now set the bar very high for any future Comcast high school interns.  I see a very bright future for Aldercy in whatever she decides to do.” – Nicole Chisholm, Human Resources Generalist, Comcast
  6. “Every day of my Internship is a new experience!” – Michael Ferebee, 2013 Intern at Solutions for Progress