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College Advising


Meet the Team

College Advisor:

Maureen Quiles-Rosa,

College Advisor:

Jade Roane,


Financial Aid Resources

Overview of the Financial AId Process

FAFSA Overview

How to fill out the FAFSA

After the FAFSA: What happens next


Where Have They Been Accepted? Here Are Just A Few Of The Great Institutions:

Allegheny College

Indiana U. of PA

St. Peter’s College

Unniversity of Pittsburg

Cabrini College

Thaddues Stevens

St. John’s University 

Peirce College

Penn State

Community College of Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania Institute of Technology


Kutztown U

West Chester

Manor College

Lock Haven

LaSalle University


Lincoln University


Top 5 Reasons to be Excited about your College Program

  1. We work with our families to bring them up to date information in the forms of workshops, 1:1 conferences, and meetings to ensure the student and the family have all the information they need around post-seocndary planning.
  2. We use information such as career goals, academic rigor, and cost to help the student and family decide what  school will be the best fit for them after graduation. 
  3. We recently had over 100 10th and 11th grade students apply to college summer programs and over 30 particiapants in programs at U. Penn, Perice College, Penn State, Naval Academy, and many more.
  4. Every 11th grade student completes a college curriculum and takes the ACT for the first time.
  5. Most importantly, our students recognize that “ College Graduation is Twice As Nice” and value the importance of education in today’s economy.