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College Corner

Contact Information

College Advisor: 

Maureen Quiles-Rosa,


Internship Coordinator: 

Sonya Royster,


Internship Coordinator: 

Tom Whittle,

Financial Aid Resources

Overview of the Financial AId Process

FAFSA Overview

How to fill out the FAFSA

After the FAFSA: What happens next


Fast Facts

95% - Class of 2013 students earned college acceptance

$459,878 – scholarship dollars earned by the Class of 2013


Top 5 Highlights that Makes Gratz Unique

  1. Gratz just had their inaugural class complete an internship with over 130 students gaining work experience.
  2. We partnered with over fifty mentors in the community across many fields to provide internships and a career day for our students.
  3. Gratz  students have a strong partnership with their alumni. Bulldog Nation supports current students with scholarships, networking opportunities, and community service.
  4. Each year as Gratz-Mastery we honor our students with a Senior Signing Day welcoming each student on the stage to announce what school they will attend and commit to their post-secondary education in front of friends and family.
  5. Gratz provides students with a college-going culture where students look forward to college trips, interacting with admission reps, and participating in school-wide college challenges. 

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