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College Corner 

Welcome to the Shoemaker College Corner!

Between our College Advising and Internship programs, our students are ready to complete college and are prepared for the competitive economy. After all, our students graduate twice! Links to their pages can be found here: College Advising; Internship.


Meet the Team:

College Advisor:

Linda Donatoni,

College Coordinator:

Irene Atkins,

Internship Coordinator:

Kerry Sorensen,


Financial Aid Resources

Overview of the Financial AId Process

FAFSA Overview

How to fill out the FAFSA

After the FAFSA: What happens next


Fast Facts:

100% - seniors who were accepted to college in the Class of 2013
$5,599,175 – scholarship dollars earned by the Class of 2013
95 – unique Internship Mentors who hosted the Class of 2015

Top Fun Facts about Shoemaker:

  1. Every high school student is involved in community service.
  2. Students participate in over 30 extracurricular activities!
  3. Our parents and community are greatly involved in school activities (see the Mural Arts article about Shoemaker’s efforts here!)
  4. Students take the lead in several leadership committees including the National Honor Society.


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