Mastery Charter Prep

Grades 6-8

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1798 Hunting Park Ave

Philadelphia,PA 19140

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215.227.4408 ext 5325

Email: Ninette Cooper


Mastery Charter Prep is now enrolling students for 6th-8th grade for 2014-2015.

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Mastery Charter Prep Middle School


Grades 6-8

215.227.4408 ext 5325 



To Apply to Mastery Charter Prep click here.

Admission is open to all students currently living in Simon Gratz Mastery Charter School’s catchment and/or attending Bethune, Duckrey, Kenderton, MH. Stanton or Steel. For a more detailed map, click on the “view catchment area.” Admission is made in the order complete applications are received until seats are filled. For inquiries regarding Mastery Charter Prep Middle School, please email Ninette Cooper at .