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Internship Program

Welcome to the Internships page for Lenfest!

For an overview of the program, check out the Internship Program Brochure!

Interested in becoming a mentor? Host an Intern!


Meet the Team

Internship Coordinator: 

Jill Purdy, Jill.Purdy@masterycharter.org


Here’s a snapshot of some of our current mentors

20 internship sites that tell the story of your internship program:

Methodist Hospital

National Museum of American Jewish History

Pennsylvania SPCA

American Civil Liberties Union

Kembrel Boutique

University of Pennsylvania

Blackney Hayes Architects

Franklin Park


Philadelphia Office of Supportive Housing

Magee Rehabilitation Center

Tuny Haven International Early Learning Center

The Reinvestment Fund

Russell Byers Charter School

The Franklin Institute

Sweat Fitness

Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office

Philadelphia University Athletics Department

Penn State Philadelphia Recruitment Center

Electronic Ink


Top 5 reasons to be excited about your internship program

  1. 100% of 2013/2014 Lenfest Mentors reported they were highly satisfied with their intern and the internship program
  2. Many organizations have partnered with the Lenfest internship program for 5 years or more
  3. Students prepare professional resumes and participate in mock interviews to aid in the intern hiring process
  4. Mentors have the opportunity to interview and rank intern candidates
  5. Over 80% of Lenfest mentors participated in end-of-year projects and celebrations