Cramer Hill Elementary

Grades: K-2

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1033 Cambridge

Camden, NJ 08105

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Cramer Hill Elementary

Grades K-2



Our Address

1033 Cambridge Avenue

Camden, NJ 08105

(Located at the Washington Elementary School building)


Your child will learn.

“At Mastery... reading and math levels nearly double in some cases triple.” -President Barack Obama, National Urban League speech, July, 2010


We have a 13 year track record of success.

Recognized as the #3 school in Pennsylvania for elementary performance gains by an independent non-profit. -PennCann, 2013, Hardy Williams Elementary


We make learning fun.

“At Mastery, it’s cool to be smart.” -Khalil F., Mastery Cleveland 5th Grader


Our teachers care about your child.

“I was delighted the first time my grandson’s teacher called me to tell me how well he was doing in class.” -E. Moffit, Grandmother, Mastery Mann 6th Grader


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Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying (HIB) Policy