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Grover Cleveland Mastery Charter Campus

Grover Cleveland Mastery Charter School is a turnaround school based on the model developed by Mastery Charter High School -- Lenfest Campus (founded in 2001). Mastery’s mission is to prepare urban youth for success in higher education and the global economy. Mastery Charter was selected by the Grover Cleveland Renaissance School Advisory Council for complete restart in April 2012. The school currently serves approximately 750 students in Kindergarten through 8th grade in the Nicetown-Tioga section of Philadelphia.


The 2012-2013 school year was Grover Cleveland’s first year as a turnaround charter school, part of the School District of Philadelphia’s Renaissance Schools initiative. During this year, everything from facilities to staffing was transformed as part of the turnaround.


Results from the first year of operation are very promising!  Everyone at Grover Cleveland Mastery Charter is guided by five core values – Respect, Responsibility, Hard Work, Teamwork, and Kindness. These values, along with the relentless pursuit of increasing student achievement, define our school community.


Our Core Values

Everyone at Mastery – Cleveland is guided by five core values – Respect, Hard Work, Responsibility, Kindness, and Teamwork. These values define our school community.

  • Respect: We respect ourselves and others by making good choices
  • Hard Work: We work hard—nothing gets in our way
  • Responsibility: We are responsible for our actions
  • Kindness: We are always kind. We lift each other up.
  • Teamwork:We work together on the road to college.

Mastery Charter School’s Local Wellness Policy is available here