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Uniform 101

Students are not permitted to be in class if they are out of uniform.

As a reminder, the uniform must include:

  • Navy blue slacks ONLY (no skirts, dresses, jumpers, cargo pants, or corduroys)
  • Mastery Charter polo shirt
  • All black shoes (pants must be worn over boots)
  • Black belt
  • Solid color blue, black, white or gray socks
  • Lanyards (gr 4-8)

Students may also wear:

    • Navy blue sweaters (over polo- Mastery pullover or zip/button front, no hood)
    • Royal blue Mastery sweatshirts (over polo shirt)
    • Short or long sleeved undershirts (white or gray only)
    • Navy, black, or white tights



Student and Parent Handbook

Title 1

Title 1 Parental Involvement Program

Whatever It Takes Contract