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15 SCHOOLS, 9,500 STUDENTS 2013-2014 SCHOOL YEAR! - Fall 2013

Friday, October 18 2013.

We are off to the best year ever and growing by leaps and bounds. Last year, at this time, we were serving 8,000 families in 11 schools, this year we are now serving over 9,500 families in 15 schools. Where are these new students going to school?

In South Philly, we opened Thomas Elementary for grades K-6. Thomas Elementary is located right around the corner from its high school partner, Thomas Campus. There is now a real K-12 public school quality education opportunity for South Philadelphia families.

In Germantown, the Francis D. Pastorius- Mastery Charter School opened its doors on August 28. Members of Pastorius’ School Advisory Council (SAC) were absolute rock stars and remained optimistic when the process for School Reform Commission approval was delayed throughout the spring and summer. The SAC prevailed and parents could not have been happier on day one. We are really excited to welcome Pastorius’ K-6 graders into the Mastery family.

Other big news is Hardy Williams High moved into their very own high school at the former Shaw Middle School building in Southwest Philadelphia. The community is looking forward to having Hardy Williams High become the neighborhood anchor it should be by providing resources to the neighborhood.

Lastly, we opened a brand new middle school, Mastery Prep Charter School. Serving 7th and 8th graders, Prep is a school within Simon Gratz High School at 1798 West Hunting Park Ave. The 110 students have nothing but great things to report since opening day.