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Community in our Schools - Fall 2013

Friday, October 18 2013.

At Mastery, we believe that parents are the most important partners in accomplishing our goal of student achievement. Mastery schools aspire to serve as a beacon to our communities, provide community resources for all families, encourage parents to be autonomous leaders in decision-making at the school and advocate for equity and excellence in education.

Last year, we piloted a few incredibly successful community catalyst programs in key schools. One of the more successful programs was run by Community Legal Services (CLS). CLS worked with parents and community members in five of our school communities to provide criminal record expungement services and achieved success with more than a quarter of those clients. The services provided through this partnership made a significant impact in the lives of our students and have led a number of families to break down a barrier to employment and move down the path to self-sufficiency.

We have even bigger family community engagement plans for this coming year. This summer, in preparation, we held trainings for over 850 staff on how to create a successful community catalyst partnership. The highlight of the trainings, across the board, was the panel of parents joining the discussion and bringing real life situations to our training.

All of this hard work is part of Mastery’s vision of our schools becoming community schools by 2016. If you would like more information about our Community Catalyst program and to discover resources near you, please contact Erin Trent, Director of Community Engagement and Public Affairs, by email,, or phone, 215-866-9000 x1215.