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College Signing Day

Tuesday, June 25 2013.

To the roar of over 5,000 people celebrating and wildly waving rally towels for seniors headed to college in the fall, Mastery Charter Schools celebrated College Signing Day on May 20, 2013.  During the festivities in a packed Liacouras Center at Temple University, over 450 Mastery seniors publicly committed to attending 85 institutions of higher education and obtaining a post-secondary degree.


College Signing Day is modeled after the events that publicly acknowledge the nation’s top high school athletes’ college choices.  Mastery Charter Schools, however, emphasizes academic achievement and promotes “graduating twice,” from high school and college.  While all the data is not yet finalized for 2013, in 2012, 97% of Mastery’s seniors were accepted into a post-secondary program.


Mayor Michael A. Nutter also attended College Signing Day and emphasized that a high school diploma is not enough.  He credited Mastery Charter Schools Signing Day as an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of this year’s graduating seniors who are pursuing higher learning, to encourage these students to complete their studies and to give back to their communities.


College Signing Day was also a way for Mastery’s 7th – 11th graders to honor their seniors’ accomplishments and imagine themselves heading off to college in the near future.  Additionally, Mastery families were recognized for their tireless support of their students, staff saw the result of their hard work and supporters understood how their involvement helps students realize their dreams. 


Highlights of the event included:

·        The Shoemaker Mastery Chorus started the event with a rousing rendition of the national anthem.

·        Pep squads, cheerleaders and mascots from Mastery Charter Schools performed.

·        The Gratz High School drum line kept a steady beat throughout the day.

·        Students saw the message “Mastery Charter Schools College Signing Day 5/20,” on the PECO Crown Lights Display on May 18th and 19th.

·        Mastery’s Thomas and Lenfest Campus students travelled by SEPTA’s “Mastery Charter Schools Express” to the Liacouras Center. 

·        Fourteen outstanding students were recognized for winning locally and nationally competitive scholarships. 


The day was an awesome celebration of academic achievement and students, teachers, families and friends of Mastery are already looking forward to next year’s celebration.