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Mastery Builds Community

Friday, April 26 2013.

Mastery believes that neighborhood schools can only be successful if they are located within thriving neighborhoods.  Erin Trent, Mastery Charter Schools’ Director of Community Growth and Public Affairs, leads Mastery’s charge to expand that impact.  She works with parents, families and community leaders who all want the same thing- vibrant and safe neighborhoods.


Erin and her staff spent months on a listening tour to hear what were the most pressing community issues.  The community team heard that neighborhood joblessness was the number one concern.  Parents also pointed to literacy gaps, lack of financial know-how, criminal records and access to child care as some other obstacles to finding and keeping jobs.  To help overcome these challenges, Mastery formed partnerships with organizations to provide these services free of charge for the community.  


Currently, Community Legal Services is working with families at Simon Gratz High School on legal issues, the Cleveland School community is attending Wells Fargo financial literacy classes, computer classes are being held at Shoemaker and the Center for Literacy is holding GED classes at Smedley.  Come next year, Erin is looking to expand Mastery’s community impact by creating more community partnerships, offering more classes and partnering with community leaders to create safe and thriving neighborhoods for years to come.  Mastery is not just your neighborhood school; it is your community partner.