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Simon Gratz High School Bulldog Nation Revived under Mastery

Friday, April 26 2013.

The Simon Gratz High School community is incredibly proud of its school and legacy.  Alumni groups provide fellowship for graduates and give back to current students.  Bulldog Nation is coming back even stronger since 2012, when Simon Gratz High School joined Mastery Charter Schools.


Now, Bulldog Nation, with over 100 dues paying alumni members, is becoming an official nonprofit. They meet monthly to discuss activities and plot how to raise money and engage the community on behalf of their alma mater.  During Christmas, they held a food, clothing and winter coat drive with the Salvation Army.  They successfully raised enough money to fund the cheerleaders recent competition. And they plan to continue to raise money for general school needs and scholarships for seniors.


An interesting little known fact is that Simon Gratz High School Mastery Charter has a t-shirt printing room in the basement.  It currently doesn’t resemble the bustling operation of years past, but Bulldog Nationplans to get the presses working again to sell t-shirts to the community to support the school.   We can smell the ink now!


From the hallowed halls of Simon Gratz to the basement printing press, these Bulldogs continue to celebrate and support their alma mater with a bark that is as genuine as its bite!