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Mastery Legacy Program

The Mastery Legacy Program is an 8 to 10 week (beginning in May/June), paid summer internship program designed to build upon the education and professional experiences of Mastery alumni. Each year, a select cohort of 3-5 alumni will undergo intense professional development and training while learning about the administrative, operational, and teaching philosophies and practices of Mastery Charter Schools. This program is designed specifically for students of African-American and Latino descent who have ambitious personal and professional goals and a strong desire to contribute to the Mastery community. Participants will be equipped with the fundamental and institutional knowledge necessary to contribute to the Mastery Charter Schools organization and will be invited to transition into a teaching and/or administrative role upon successful completion of the program.

Mastery Legacy Program

Mastery Legacy Program Application


Alumni Summer Internships

Academic Team Intern 

Central Office – This intern will work on the Academic Team in a variety of ways and have a “behind the scenes” look at how Mastery’s organization works. Applicants for this position should have an interest and experience in education, video production and editing, and strong computer skills and the ability to manage a variety of projects that will include video production, event management, research, organization, and maintenance of professional and academic resources.



Operations Intern 

Pickett Campus - This unique opportunity will provide the individual with a hands-on experience working in a school environment to see what goes on behind the scenes on a daily basis.  This position involves working with the building engineer to finalize all projects related to the building: changing light bulbs, cutting grass outside, painting walls in classrooms, and readying the school for the coming school year.

Front Desk Intern

Pickett Campus - Mastery Charter School Pickett Campus is looking for a motivated, friendly, and hard-working individual to work in their main office.  This position involves assisting with the front desk administrative team with a variety of tasks including: Answering general inquiries in person and by phone, overseeing mailing and shipping deliveries, working with the Mastery database to ensure accuracy, and speaking with parents and assisting the administrative team in trouble-shooting day to day hurdles.

Administrative Intern 

Thomas Elementary – This position offers a unique opportunity to gain administrative skills while assisting the summer school director to manage daily operations and logistics of summer school, assist with Summer Mailings to families, prepare Instructional Materials for upcoming school year (Copying, inventory, and organization), and support the inventory of supplies, materials, and book orders

Finance and Accounting Intern

Pickett Campus (Central Office) – Working with the Finance Team in Mastery’s Central Office department, this intern will gain valuable experience assisting with financial audit preparation by compiling accounts payable invoices or other audit documents, filing and organizing accounting/audit documents, making copies of necessary audit documents, preparing electronic copies of audit documents and basic accounting schedules.

Data Team Intern

Pickett Campus (Central Office) – This internship will work closely with staff supporting all Information Technology and Data Analysis for Mastery’s Central Office.  Applicants for this position should be pursuing a degree Information Science, Computer Science, or a similar field and be familiar with computer programs like Microsoft Office as well as web-based database systems.

Administrative Intern

Camden, NJ – Mastery Charter Schools will begin operation in Camden, NJ, for the first time this Fall.  Two intern positions exist during which successful applicants will have the opportunity to work hands on to support the launch of a new school in a new city.  These interns will organize curricular resources for classrooms, assist administrators with enrollment paperwork and intake testing, set up classroom libraries, and assist with creating an inviting physical space for students and teachers.


Alumni Leadership Opportunities (Summer 2014 and School Year 2014-2015)

Alumni Ambassadors are awarded a Scholarship for Service in order to represent their graduating class and work with the Mastery Alumni Program to support students in their first year of college. As an Alumni Ambassador, you will (1) coordinate events on campus and at home; (2) share information with Staff about the challenges that their peers are experiencing; and (3) regularly communicate with peers through social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), video, and email about their own experiences.

Peer Coaches will support Mastery graduates through their initial transition to college, targeting outreach to college freshman and sophomores by assisting them to connect with campus-based support services and activities. Coaches will coordinate group meet-ups at home and at their school, conduct regular meetings with the Class of 2014, and communicate by phone, text, email, and social media.