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Parent Engagement at Mastery Charter Schools



At Mastery, we believe that parents are the most important partners in accomplishing our goal of student achievement. We believe in the importance of building an equal partnership between the school and families so that Mastery schools serve as a beacon to the communities we serve, provide community resources for all families, and to encourage all parents to be autonomous leaders in decision-making at the school, and promote the Mastery model while advocating for equity and excellence in education.


Parents and families play an important role in their children’s success by having high expectations, constantly reinforcing the value of education, monitoring performance and holding children accountable by supporting learning, guiding children through important decisions, and advocating for them. Therefore, our schools have developed programming and systems to support the following:

• Parent workshops to support learning in the home

• Two-way communication between the school and families

• Parent Leadership and Governance

• Parent Advocacy and Action