School Leaders

Mastery leaders work together to ensure that all students show dramatic academic gains and develop the character skills necessary to compete in the global economy. Each Mastery campus is driven by a comprehensive team of school leaders.

Leadership Positions

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The principal is responsible for the overall management of their school site. The principal drives all academic initiatives and manages staff to create a strong school culture. The principal also oversees professional development of the instructional and culture staff and builds a school family that values parents and community members.

Assistant Principal of Instruction

The Assistant Principal of instruction works to ensure that every student reaches ambitious achievement goals for school-wide levels of mastery. He or she directly manages the implementation of the curriculum, analyzes data to inform teaching practices, and manages all instructional initiatives.

Assistant Principal of School Culture

The Assistant Principal of School Culture is a visionary leader who drives a participatory, achievement-focused, and outcomes-driven school culture. The AP of School Culture leads a team of deans in supporting teachers in classroom management, creating and overseeing extracurricular activities that bridge school culture with academics, and fostering a high level of parental and community involvement.

Assistant Principal of Operations

The Assistant Principal of Operations designs and maintains smooth and efficient school-based systems and is responsible for all non-instructional services required to run the school. The Assistant Principal of Operations manages the day-to-day school financial operations, prepares the school campus for its founding year and each subsequent year, and administers critical data systems.

Assistant Principal – Specialized Services

The Assistant Principal of Specialized Services systematically identifies barriers to student achievement and creates strategic interventions to limit these barriers. The AP of Specialized Services seeks and develops the resources and tools necessary to make dramatic academic gains with our special needs students. The AP of Specialized Services ensures that the Individual Education Plans of all students are designed with the specific strategies needed to result in successful student outcomes.

Deans of School Culture

Deans of School Culture are responsible for ensuring that the school is a safe and positive community. Deans develop incentive systems, build relationships with students’ families and monitor attendance and school climate initiatives. Deans ensure that all students are proactively making the right choices and provide students with the ongoing mentorship and direction they need to successfully navigate their educational experience.

Instructional Coaches

Instructional coaches work closely with school leaders to ensure effective instruction in all Mastery classrooms. Coaches drive instructional excellence and manage a cohort of teachers across multiple campuses. Teacher coaches are instrumental in driving the growth and development of our instructional staff.

Social Worker

Social Workers are directly responsible for improving the academic and behavioral performance of the school’s at-risk students through counseling, home visits, direct intervention, and teacher consultation, as well as being responsible for providing services for students in need of immediate intervention.