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Notices and Policies

MCS LEP Policy

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Description of Mastery Charter’s programs for students with Limited English Proficiency and guarantee of full access for students and parents with limited English skills.

MCS Special Education Notice

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Annual Public Notice of Special Education Services and Programs for Students with Disabilities.

MSC Confidential Information Notice

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Policies and Procedures Regarding Student Education Records and the Rights of Parents and Students Under Federal Law Concerning Confidentiality.


Mastery Charter Schools Parents and Students Privacy Rights to Educational Records

Parent Notification of Teacher Qualifications

Notification of Rights Under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment

PA School Code Chapter 12 Provisions

Title I Parent Involvement Program

Section 504 Notice


Cleveland 990 FY13

Cleveland 990 FY14

Grover Cleveland Financial Statement FY2013

Grover Cleveland Financial Statement FY2014



Clymer 990 FY13

Clymer 990 FY14

Clymer Elementary Financial Statement FY2013

Clymer Elementary Financial Statement FY2014



Draft Comprehensive Plan-Douglass


Gratz 990 FY13

Gratz 990 FY14

Gratz Financial Statement FY2013

Gratz Financial Statement FY2014


Hardy Williams: 

Hardy Williams 990 FY13

Hardy Williams 990 FY14

Hardy Williams Financial Statement FY2013

Hardy Williams Financial Statement FY2014

Draft Comprehensive Plan-Hardy Williams



Harrity 990 FY13

Harrity 990 FY14

Harrity Financial Statement FY2013

Harrity Financial Statement FY2014



Mastery Charter High School Lenfest 990 FY13

Mastery Charter High School Lenfest 990T FY13

Mastery Charter High School Lenfest 990 FY14

Mastery Charter High School Lenfest 990T FY14

Mastery Charter High School Lenfest Financial Statement FY2013

Mastery Charter High School Lenfest Financial Statement FY2014


Mann 990 FY13

Mann 990 FY14

Mann Financial Statement FY2013

Mann Financial Statement FY2014



Pickett 990 FY13

Pickett 990 FY14

Pickett Financial Statement FY 2013

Pickett Financial Statement FY 2014



Shoemaker 990 FY13

Shoemaker 990 FY14

Shoemaker Financial Statement FY2014

Shoemaker Financial Statement FY2014


Smedley 990 FY13

Smedley 990 FY14

Smedley Financial Statement FY 2013

Smedley Financial Statement FY 2014


Thomas 990 FY13

Thomas 990 FY14

Thomas Financial Statement FY 2013

Thomas Financial Statement FY 2014



Pastorius 990 FY14

Pastorius Financial Statement FY 2014