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Mastery Charter Schools’ first school, the Lenfest Campus, was opened in September 2001 by a coalition of business and civic leaders. In 2005, based on the success of the Lenfest Campus, the School District of Philadelphia invited Mastery to turn around Thomas Middle School in South Philadelphia. In 2006, Mastery turned around Shoemaker Middle School, previously the second most violent school in the District. In 2007, Mastery turned around Pickett Middle School. In all three cases, the original middle schools have been expanded to include high school grades. In September 2010, Mastery opened three elementary turnaround schools under the School District of Philadelphia’s Renaissance Schools Initiative. Mastery merged with Hardy Williams Academy Charter School in the Spring of 2010. During 2011-2012 school year, Mastery turned around Clymer Elementary and Simon Gratz High School as part of the Renaissance Schools initiative. During 2012-2013, Mastery turned around Grover Cleveland Elementary School and added 9th grade to Hardy Williams Academy Mastery Charter School.  For 2013-2014, the Pastorius Elementary School in Germantown will become Francis D. Pastorius - Mastery Charter School serving K-6 graders, Mastery Charter Schools Thomas Elementary School will open in South Philadelphia and Mastery Charter Prep Middle School will be serving 7th and 8th graders in North Philadelphia.

15 Schools & over 9,500 Students:

  • Mastery Charter Schools Lenfest Campus - Grades 7-12 - Traditional Charter (2001)
  • Mastery Charter Schools Thomas Campus - Grades 7-12 - Turnaround (2005)
  • Mastery Charter Schools Shoemaker Campus - Grades 7-12 - Turnaround (2006)
  • Mastery Charter Schools Pickett Campus - Grades 6-12 - Turnaround (2007)
  • Mastery Charter Schools Harrity Elementary - Grades K-8 - Renaissance (2010)
  • Mastery Charter Schools Mann Elementary - Grades K-6 - Renaissance (2010)
  • Mastery Charter Schools Smedley Elementary- Grades K-6 - Renaissance (2010)
  • Hardy Williams Academy Mastery Charter School - Grades K-10 – Merged Charter (2011)
  • Mastery Charter Schools Clymer Elementary - Grades K-8 - Renaissance (2011)
  • Simon Gratz High School Mastery Charter - Grades 9-12 - Renaissance (2011)
  • Mastery Charter Schools Grover Cleveland Campus- Grades K-8 - Renaissance (2012)
  • Francis D. Pastorius Mastery Charter Schools- Grades K-8 - Renaissance (2013)
  • Mastery Charter Schools Thomas Elementary- Grades K-6- Division of Thomas Campus (2013)
  • Mastery Charter Prep Middle School- Grades 7-8-Division of Simon Gratz High School  (2013)