A Brief History

Mastery’s first school, Mastery Lenfest, was founded in September 2001 by a coalition of business and civic leaders. Based on the success of the Lenfest Campus, in 2005 the School District of Philadelphia invited Mastery to turn around Thomas Middle School.

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Our Educational Model

We are relentlessly committed to student achievement. We know that all students can and must achieve. Our expectations are high, our desire for success is intense and our timeline is aggressive. We use clear and concrete measures to determine achievement.

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Our Team

Investing in our teachers is our highest priority. Mastery believes instruction is a craft that can be taught through skill-specific training, consistent practice, and feedback. Our goal is to be a national leader in developing amazing teachers.

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The Results

A stunning performance gap (approximately 30 percentage points) exists between low-income minority students and the State average on standardized tests. All Mastery schools commit to eliminating this gap within three years of opening.

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Our Locations

Mastery’s network of ten schools is located within the city limits of Philadelphia. Mastery will focus its growth in the Philadelphia region. By focusing on one region of the country we can ensure that we support our schools to the highest level.

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